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Painful surprise day - right breast biopsy

I returned to the Women Center for ultrasound again on February 6 then found out they want to get some biopsy samples from my right breast instead of left breast ultrasound. I wasn't ready for the biopsy, but nurse started preparing for biopsy. Waaaaiiitt!!! I'm not ready yet!!!!
In the room, there is a bed with a hole in middle. I needed to lie down and stick my right breast through the hole. Funny thought came up again. What if a woman with tiny breast has to have this stereoscopic biopsy? Even the mattress of the bed has enough thickness, I assume they can access breast area from the side easily so size doesn't matter. Just need to lock one's breast in the position. That's all. Anyway, I felt the nurse put some kind of box or plate around my breast to keep it in the same position. Pain, but not so horrible. Just like mammogram. Hopefully, it won't take that long. The nurse put numb cream on my breast. Put some more, please!!! I don't need pain!!!
Here comes the doctor. Beginning of the biopsy! Stick a big needle with vacuum (to me) to my breast. OUCH!!!! Where is numb cream!!?? I can hear the conversation between doctor and nurse. "It's really tight..." "Hold on." "No!" "Very tight..." They had to take a couple of samples including good part of my breast. Since my breast was really young and tight breast, the doctor had to PUSH the needle in really hard. It was painful and it seemed lasting forever. Finally they got enough samples and released me from the 1-hole bed. I was afraid to see my breast shaped square since it's been secured in the box for too long. Good. Still had breast shape. Not like square shape watermelon. Nurse gave me some ice pack to cool down the operated area. Then I drove home by myself. It was unexpected, painful surprise day. I don't enjoy this kind of surprise. I don't think anybody would.


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