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Mammogram at Women Center

On February 4th, this is my first time taking mammogram. Little bit nervous, but still believe the pain was caused by some kind of infection or something. Nothing is serious, right?
In the X-ray room, the technician squeezed my breast with 2 flat panels - sideways, flat, all sorts of painful direction. I had big breast. Big enough to be pinched by 2 palettes, but what if I have much smaller size? How they squeeze those small breasts? Do the really need to smoosh breasts to get detail?
They had me wait for a while and called me back in the X-ray room. I saw my breast X-ray. Some of them had white spots like shinning stars in the night all over the breast. "hhhmmm... It looks beautiful... Like stars... Maybe cysts???". The technician told me "We see some calcification so need to take detail pictures". At this point, I had no idea what calcification is. I thought it's kind of stone inside breast. Some people have stone in kidney, saliva gland, other parts of their body. Why not in breast? The strange thing, calcification shows only on my right side breast which I had no pain, no lumps, no symptom what so ever. On the contrary, my left breast which I had great pain and big lump shows nothing on the film. NOTHING! After all that, they recommend biopsy samples from my right breast and get ultrasound pictures of my left breast.


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