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Full body PET CT

PET CT is great!

Got up early to have PET/CT scan. They told us it will take about 2 hours to scan my full body. Well. I just did spent 2 hours at MRI Lab not long ago. I think I can handle this. No drink / food from the night before. No exercise nor reading. Just be calm and get ready for the scan. It's way too early in the morning for me. No problem being frozen Tuna mode.

Office was nice and clean. People are nice and friendly. Receptionist brought me a cup of contrast. Cold. Needed to drink it quickly. Sweet and bitter flavor. Not bad. Better than some other chemicals. Filled out the paper work as usual. Keath tried to explain the reason why we are here and also arrange MRI fim pick-up. While waiting, read information about PET scan. It seems PET /CT scan is great system to find any hidden cancerous activities in body. I hope they find nothing serious, yet I hope they find something to determine what's in my brain.

After blood test, they gave me radio active material by shot. The cylinder was in lead-base casing. Interesting. Then, they took me to a small waiting room. No light. Just one comfortable chair and TV. I need to wait here about 1 hour and half until radio active material settle in. Got chance to watch morning Japanese TV shows while waiting in the dark little room. Another cup of contrast drink was brought to me here. This time, I need to drink it over 10 mins. Yuk. OK. This is not fun drink.

Finally my turn to go in the Scan room. Radiologist covered me with blanket nicely. Face up, keep both arms above my head position for 40 mins. Yes. 2 hours including the waiting time. Actual scan time is about half an hour. Anyway, get CT first. Next 28mins was detail slice shots of me. Each section takes 4 mins.

It was easier and less noise than MRI. And cheaper than MRI. It scan the whole body, not like MRI does only small section of body. I don't know why Insurance companies don't cover PET scan if doctors order PET before other tests like X-ray, MRI, CT, etc. Hope it changes in the near future and give better opportunity for people.


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