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Swimmer came by to visit

After anchoring at the island just off Fajardo I ran the dinghy off to town to find a phone to call in our clearance. On the way back I noticed a very large green iguana swimming the channel to the island, jokingly I said something to the iguana as I passed by about needing a lift to shore. As I got back to the boat I noticed the iguana had changed course and was making his way to the dinghy. I called for Mikiko to come see him as he was going to swim by the boat. He went straight to the dinghy and climbed up gave us a look like, "Ok, I'm here.. give me something". Mikiko ran inside to get a few greens for our new guest. Rejecting all offerings of food our news dinghy guest decided it was time for a nice nap in the sun.

Since we had been sailing for days and wanted to get some food that we didn't cook. We jumped in the dinghy and started off to the island with our guest riding along, he actually seemed to be enjoying the ride. Once at the bar we tied up on the seawall and went in.

I went to check on our guests status about an hour later and he had moved to being on top on the nice warm black outboard. At this point the bar owner noticed the iguana sunning and called into the bar to come look at the funny iguana. I guess the massive rush of people spooked the guy and he swam off.

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