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January 29, 2002

Strange painful lump

Sharp burning pain on left breast kept me awake all night. Something wrong with me? It was on January 28th night. I had strange pain in my left breast which has been there on and off for last couple of month. But that night was little different. The pain was like wave and kept coming back with burning, sharp and stinging pain. I took Advil and hoped it calm the pain. No, it didn't work. This agonizing night lasted till the next morning and I decided to see doctor. My family doctor, Dr. Eddy was busy that morning so I saw other doctor. He was an old guy, seemed not really respect women's body much. After examination, he told me "with pain, most likely it's not cancer, but to make sure, I give you an order for mammogram". When I asked him about the pain, "take Advil" that's all. Somehow, I didn't like the way he treated me. Anyway, I made an appointment at Northridge Women Center for mammogram. Luckily there was an opening on February 4. I have to leave office earlier, but my office friends will understand.